Beloved, my little pep-talk is geared toward the opening of our third eye in the pursuit of self actualisation.


We have often heard/read several motivational talks/speeches about the quest for true happiness in our pilgrim’s journey and they often times sound alike. Well, mine is no different but of course there may be a twist in the angle from which I hope to project.


Have you ever pondered on the question “WHAT IS IN THY HAND?”

A question God asked Moses when he was chosen by God to be a Deliverer Exodus 4:2. To this question Moses replied “A shepherd’s staff”


To Moses, he felt convinced that the shepherd’s staff with which he chastises his cattle to place and to defend his cattle from predators was its only use. Surely, from the characteristics of the staff he was right but God desired to open his third eye to see beyond the physical representation of the staff. The staff Moses held wielded power beyond mere human understanding.


What was in David’s hand as he approached Golliath? A string and a stone. Yet he brought down a giant.


The question “WHAT IS IN THY HAND?” goes beyond what you physically possess in your hand. It can be abstract:

– Your talent

– Your skills

– Your passion

These are the tools God wants to use to bless you and to bless others through you. To make you a deliverer of yourself and others. The daily things you do that you’re never tired of is actually what you have in your hand.


For us Catholics, what we have in our hands is beyond measure. In addition to our talents, skills and passion, we have the blessed virgin and since we best understand the holy Trinity then what we have in our hands is the spouse of God and the Mother of God.


Christ himself put this advantage in our hands at the foot of the Cross when in His dying breath he said to His Mother “Behold thy Son, Son behold thy Mother” and John 19:27 explained to us that the disciple at that hour took Mother Mary to his own home. Now that was an adoption process and by faith we believe Christ is our saviour hence we accept His Mother to be our Mother also and we are to take Her to our own homes. So the next time you commune with God and in your subconscious you hear the question asked, “What is in thy hand?” Happily respond…”I have your spouse, I have the Mother of my Saviour” then observe how your life transforms.



All to Jesus; through Mary our Mother!




Osi Anene.


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