Tony and Jasmine once lived for about 10 years and suffered childlessness. They had searched fruitlessly for the fruit of the Womb having gone through all medical examinations possible. Then, they met a Priest who became a friend to them.

The Priest was moved by the their childless marriage and he promised to keep them in his daily personal prayers and Mass celebrations. When it was time for the Priest to journey to Rome, he promised to light a Candle in the Vatican for the couple’s intentions.

2 years later, God blessed Tony and Jasmine with twins. 2 years after the twins, God blessed the them again with twins. Another 2 years, people were even the more amazed when God blessed these once childless couple with their 3rd set of twins… then their beloved Priest returned.

The Priest was overwhelmed when he met 4 boys and 2 girls in the home of Tony and Jasmine. He praised God for bringing down His glory upon their lives.

Strangely Tony wasn’t home so the Priest enquired if his friend will not be long. Fr Mike – the Priest – was shocked when Jasmine informed him that Tony had gone to Rome. Was his trip for business? Fr Mike asked and Jasmine answered; Fr, since you travelled to Rome, God had blessed us every 2 years with twins. My husband has rushed to Rome to find you and to plead with you to please stop lighting up the Candles for us and if there’s any candle still burning for our intentions, you should kindly put it out!

May God visit you at the point of your need in Jesus mighty name 🙏

Pls share your tots with us👍

Prayer to St Gerard for the fruit of the Womb!

O Good St. Gerard, powerful patron and protector of mothers and of children yet unborn, to thee do I turn in my hour of anxiety. Of thee do I beg the blessings of a happy motherhood. When all human assistance seems to fail, deign to come to my aid by thy powerful intersession at the throne of Almighty God. Beseech the Divine Author of Life to bless me with offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life who will be heirs to his Heavenly Kingdom in the next. Amen.

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