be careful how you THANK GOD! 😯

David was a proud man, he had that kind of pride that made you wonder if he truly equated himself with God. Although he called himself the Son of God since he was a follower of Christ but nothing he did expressed a testament of a son of God. But there was an interesting twist about David; he was an animal whisperer. He trained his Horse to obey worded commands. JESUS meant HALT, THANK GOD meant RUN while SALVATION meant STROLL.

Then it happened, that in David’s usual tour around the mountain terrains of his hood he came across strangers to the town and he felt the urge to impress upon them his self endorsed high class. He stopped for a chat and when it was time to go he said to his Horse SALVATION! To the surprise of the strangers the Horse Strouted to a stroll. David marched his horse around the strangers before he said THANK GOD! and away the Horse galloped. He galloped straight for the mountain cliff and fear robbed David off any memory of the command for stop. The Horse got inches to the cliff when David realised that the only help at this point was in the name of JESUS! The Horse came to an immediate halt. Wow! David was relieved not even remembering that JESUS was actually the command he taught his Horse for Halt. Catching his breath as his Horse remained dangerously close to the tip of the cliff, David looked up to the heavens and said THANK GOD!



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